Her first visit dates back only to 2014, however, today, Adèle Exarchopoulos is a familiar face to the Césars. A true style icon for her time, the young actress likes to dress up. Tonight, she is wearing a breathtaking Paco Rabanne dress. Exclusively, she answered our questions a few hours before the big ceremony. Nominated for the César for best actress in a supporting role, Adèle Exarchopoulos takes advantage of this unique moment, without pressure.

How do you feel a few minutes before the ceremony? Always a pleasure to go to this high mass?
I feel lucky, and I feel surrounded by people I love so that’s the main thing.

Is it a perilous exercise to define your outfit for the Césars? Are there any prohibited clothes?
Not when working with Leila Boumedjane, who is my stylist. Yes, I suppose there are less advisable clothes. You will have to ask her (laughs). I don’t really care.

Why did you choose to wear Paco Rabanne tonight?
Because it’s a classy, elegant brand that I really like. I have a high regard for its artistic director, Julien Dossena. He is also my friend.

How do you feel when you’re dressed as Paco Rabanne?
A feeling of femininity. And elegance.

What can we wish you? We imagine leaving with the precious statuette…
What can you wish me? That whatever happens, there are the same people who are in my room as when I left it.

Source : elle.fr