‘Rien à foutre’ selected for Critics’ Week At Cannes Film Festival

Rien à foutre, Emmanuel Marre and Julie Lecoustre’s first feature film, was selected for Critics’ Week, the parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival, Wallonie Bruxelles Images announced on Monday.

Produced by Wrong Men, with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Cinema and Audiovisual Center, the film follows Cassandre, 26, a flight attendant for a low-cost company. Living from day to day, she goes on flights and parties without tomorrow, faithful to her nickname Tinder: Carpe Diem. An existence without ties, in the form of a headlong rush, which apparently fills her. Until some mishap forces him to reconnect with the world.

Cassandre is played by actress Adèle Exarchopoulos (La Vie d’Adèle, Mandibules). At his side are in particular Alexandre Perrier and the young Belgian actress Mara Taquin (Hors normes, Ennemi public).

Emmanuel Marre, a former student of the Institut des arts de diffusion (IAD), has directed several short and medium-length films which have had very successful festival careers in recent years: Le Petit Chevalier (2011), Le Film de l’été (2017) and especially D’un château l’autre which won the Pardino d’or for best short film at the Locarno Film Festival in 2018, recalls Wallonie Bruxelles Images.

His passage to feature film is done in pairs, with Julie Lecoustre, the script and the production being signed with four hands, underlines the official agency for the promotion of the audio-visual of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation abroad, specifying that Julie Lecoustre had also co-authored D’un château l’autre.

The Cannes Film Festival, canceled last year due to the pandemic and usually held in May, will run exceptionally from July 6 to 17. This is its 74th edition.

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Adèle to play in Emmanuel Marre’s feature debut ‘Carpe Diem’

Director Emmanuel Marre is embarking on his first feature-length adventure with Carpe Diem, the shoot for which kicked off since mid-February. He has enlisted the services of French actress Adèle Exarchopoulos (who was in the Palme d’Or winner Blue Is the Warmest Colour, and was seen more recently in Racer and the JailbirdSibyl and Back Home), who will breathe life into his heroine, 26-year-old Cassandre, an air hostess working for a low-cost airline. She lives one day at a time and parties after each flight with not a care for tomorrow. For her Tinder handle, she’s chosen Carpe Diem because she sees herself reflected in her company’s motto: “The world won’t wait.”

The feature is being shot in two tranches – a month of principal photography in Wallonia and Lanzarote up until mid-March, and then a month of additional filming in Belgium, Lanzarote, Paris and Dubai in June. Flanking Adèle Exarchopoulos are Alexandre Perrier, who is also co-producing the movie, and young Belgian actress Mara Taquin, who appeared recently in The Specials and who will grace screens soon in La Ruche by Christophe Hermans, in addition to various non-professional actors.

The film is being produced in Belgium by Benoît Roland for Wrong Men, which we have to thank for the recent title Lola by Laurent Micheli, and which is working on the upcoming movies by Rachel Lang (Mon Légionnaire) and Leos Carax (Annette). It is being co-produced in France by Kidam. Carpe Diem will be sold overseas by Charades, while Cinéart will distribute it in Belgium and Condor will do likewise in France.

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Adèle Exarchopoulos and Noée Abita for lead actresses in ‘Les cinq diables’

This feature film, directed by Léa Mysius, will have as main actresses Adèle Exarchopoulos and Noée Abita. The story takes place in a small mountainous town in France around a large lake called ‘Les Cinq Diables’. Shooting is planned for March 2020 in the Paris region and in the Alps.

Synopsis : Vicky, seven, vows to her mother, Joanne, a crazy and exclusive love. They live with Jimmy, Vicky’s father, who is struggling to find his place in the family. Vicky has developed a great sensitivity to smell and manufactures odors which she collects. One day, Julia, her aunt, arrives from prison. This arrival will burst the fused mother-daughter nucleus by bringing back the past in a violent and magical way…

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The short film ‘Cet autre hiver’ shot in Port-La Nouvelle

Last week, many of us were intrigued by intense cinematographic activities, in particular avenue de la mer.

And it was cinema that it was! The Punchline cinema crew chose Port-La Nouvelle and Narbonne to shoot a short film entitled Cet autre hiver, by director Margo Brière-Bordier. We find there the beautiful Madrid artist Lola Dueñas.

The story therefore takes place in a seaside town… Nina (Adèle Exarchopoulos) disembarks behind the wheel of her old vintage car… She has forty-eight hours to meet her mother Lili again, after twenty years of silence. Because she has a choice to make that resonates powerfully in the story she shares with her…

The film’s preview should be shown at the Sea Theater in March 2020.
This short film, available in May 2020, was subsidized by the Occitanie region and the Nation Center for Cinema and Animated Images. A production by Lucas Tothe and Sylvain Lagrillère with the actors Adèle Exarchopoulos, Lola Dueñas and Rabah Loucif.

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‘La Flamme’ : une série qui parodie le Bachelor

Nommée La Flamme, la nouvelle production de Canal+ va parodier l’émission mythique The Bachelor avec un casting XXL.

Avec des scènes devenues emblématiques, comme la cérémonie de sélection des prétendantes où le “gentleman célibataire” offrait des roses à ses favorites pour leur signifier qu’elles continuaient l’aventure, l’émission The Bachelor a su s’ancrer dans l’imaginaire collectif et devenir un véritable objet de pop culture. Diffusé pendant des années à la télévision, le programme de télé-réalité proposait à de jeunes et jolies célibataires de dévoiler la panoplie complète de la séduction pour parvenir à conquérir le cœur d’un bel homme, souvent fortuné et bien sous tous rapports. C’est kitsch, c’est drôle, un peu sexy et léger: quatre éléments qui ont permis à l’émission de devenir culte. Il n’en fallait pas moins pour inspirer Jonathan Cohen.

L’acteur français, qui s’est fait connaître en incarnant Serge le Mytho et qui vient de livrer la géniale Family Business sur Netflix, a annoncé qu’il était en train de tourner une parodie du Bachelor nommée La Flamme… Et le casting est XXL. Au menu, on pourra y retrouver Angèle (qui est décidément partout), mais aussi Adèle Exarchopoulos, Pierre Niney, François Civil, Leïla Bekhti, Florence Foresti, Seth Gueko, Géraldine Nakache… Tous feront partie de l’entourage ou des prétendant(e)s de Jonathan Cohen, qui incarnera Marc, un jeune pilote de ligne beau, riche et intelligent. “La vie lui a tout donné… sauf une co-pilote. Pendant 9 semaines dans une sublime villa, 13 femmes vont s’affronter pour le séduire et tenter d’allumer en lui… LA FLAMME. Alors, armez les toboggans, vérifiez la porte opposée… car Marc et ses prétendantes vont vous emmener au 7ème ciel !”

La série, produite par Canal+, est en cours de tournage, et ce jusqu’au 11 décembre en région parisienne. La date de diffusion n’est donc pas encore annoncée. Adaptée de Burning Love de Ben Stiller où l’on suivait un pompier de 34 ans en quête de l’amour avec un grand A (la série avait également déroulé le tapis rouge à de nombreuses guest stars), cette version française promet d’être décalée à souhait.

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StudioCanal introduces ‘Bac Nord’ with Adèle Exarchopoulos

StudioCanal has come on board Bac Nord from Cedric Jimenez, a French crime thriller with Gilles Lellouche set in the dangerous northern neighborhoods of Marseille.

Bac Nord marks our fifth collaboration with Hugo Selignac, a talented and ambitious French producer,” said Nicolas Dumont, StudioCanal’s exec VP of French production, theatrical distribution and home entertainment. Dumont cited Lellouche’s Sink or Swim, Jeanne Herry’s In Safe Hands, Francois Damiens’s Mon Ket and Romain Gavras’ The World Is Yours.

StudioCanal is co-producing the film with France 2 Cinéma and has acquired all rights, including the international sales.

Bac Nord will follow a police brigade in a neighborhood of Marseille where the level of crime is higher than anywhere else in France. It will be the first fiction film shot in this area.

Bac Nord will bring together a strong cast of French stars, including Lellouche; Francois Civil, who won the Chopard Trophy Award for rising talent at Cannes; Karim Leklou, who earned a Cesar nomination for best newcomer; Adèle Exarchopoulos; and Kenza Fortas, who just won best female newcomer at the Cesar Awards.

A native of Marseille, Jimenez penned the script with Audrey Diwan, his co-screenwriter of The Connection and the Rosamund Pike-starrer The Man With the Iron Heart, in collaboration with Benjamin Charbit.

Jimenez said Bac Nord would be told from the perspective of the cops, who are put under pressure from their hierarchy to achieve results at all costs.

Bac Nord is the type of strongly packaged French movie that we’re looking for at StudioCanal because it’s got an international appeal even if it’s got a very local footprint,” said Dumont. The exec said the project “will not be a plain crime thriller and will boast social and political themes; it will depict today’s French society with richly layered characters.”

The movie will start shooting August 5 for six weeks on location in the south of France.

StudioCanal will release the movie in France during the second semester of 2020.

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‘Mandibules’ by Quentin Dupieux, with Adèle Exarchopoulos

Quentin Dupieux stops no more. While he recently presented his new film, Le Daim, at the Directors’ Fortnight, we learn that he is already looking into a new project. According to Variety, the filmmaker would work on the script of a new feature film, Mandibules. The idea? Two not very smart friends discover a giant fly stuck in their trunk, and decide to tame it to make money.

To play this simple duet, Quentin Dupieux appealed to Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais, better known by their stage name, the Palmashow. They will not be alone, since Variety also announces Adele Exarchopoulos casting, and Anaïs Demoustier.

No release date for now, but we know that the filming of this intriguing project should begin in September 2019. Meanwhile, fans of Quentin Dupieux will see Le Daim in the cinema from June 19.

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Belgium Picks ‘Racer And The Jailbird’ For Oscar Race

Belgium has submitted Michaël R Roskam’s Racer And The Jailbird as the country’s entry into this year’s Foreign Language Oscar race. The dark romantic thriller stars Matthias Schoenaerts and Adèle Exarchopoulos and is having its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival before heading to Toronto next month. It’s the second submission for Roskam, whose feature debut Bullhead was nominated in the category in 2012.

The pic (original title: Le Fidèle) is a love story set at a racing circuit where gangster Gino meets Benedicte, a wealthy and fearless racing driver. Fierce and loyal, Gigi and Bibi fight for their love against fate, but also against reason and their own weaknesses. Roskam penned the script with Thomas Bidegain and Noé Debré.

2017 Foreign Language Film Oscar Submissions:
Azerbaijan – Pomegranate Orchard – Ilgar Najaf
Belgium – Racer And The Jailbird (Le Fidèle) – Michaël R Roskam
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Men Don’t Cry – Alena Drljevića
Dominican Republic – Woodpeckers – José Maria Cabral
Germany – In The Fade – Fatih Akin
Iraq – The Dark Wind – Hussein Hussan
Nepal – Seto Surya (White Sun) – Deepak Rauniyar
Sweden – The Square – Ruben Östlund
Switzerland – The Divine Order – Petra Volpe

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“Le Fidèle” en sélection officielle à Venise

Le Fidèle, troisième long métrage de Michaël R. Roskam, sera présenté en première mondiale pour la sélection officielle de la Mostra de Venise, annoncent jeudi Wallonie Bruxelles Images et le Fonds audiovisuel flamand (VAF). L’événement se déroulera du 30 août au 9 septembre.

Matthias Schoenaerts et Adèle Exarchopoulos (La Vie d’Adèle) sont les héros de ce film noir moderne qui retrace une histoire d’amour passionnée sur fond de grand banditisme belge. Une passion incandescente naît entre Gino et Bénédicte dès leur rencontre. Mais le secret de Gino les poussera à se battre envers et contre tous.

“Etant donné que Le Fidèle est avant tout une histoire d’amour, j’ai toujours secrètement espéré qu’il serait montré à Venise”, a commenté Michaël R. Roskam. “La ville de l’amour et celle de l’un des festivals les plus importants au monde. Pouvoir y montrer le film en première mondiale, c’est juste fantastique!”

Le Fidèle est produit par Bart Van Langendonck pour Savage Film (Rundskop/Bullhead, Les Ardennes), et co-produit notamment par la RTBF. Il sortira sur les écrans belges le 4 octobre.

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Adèle Exarchopoulos maman : découvrez le sexe et le joli prénom du bébé !

Public est aujourd’hui en mesure de vous révéler le sexe et le prénom du bébé de l’actrice française Adèle Exarchopoulos et du rappeur Doum’s…

Mardi soir, à Cannes, Adèle Exarchopoulos était tout simplement resplendissante. La belle de 23 ans montait les célèbres marches du Palais des Festivals de Cannes au bras de Nicolas Ghesquière, directeur artistique de la maison Louis Vuitton dont elle est l’égérie et faisait ainsi sa première apparition publique depuis son accouchement il y a à peine quelques semaines.

L’actrice portait une magnifique robe à sequins qui mettait en valeur sa silhouette post-grossesse… parfaite. Et alors que tout le monde se demande depuis la naissance du bébé, quel est le sexe et le prénom du nouveau-né, Public est aujourd’hui en mesure de répondre à vos questions.

Selon nos informations exclusives, Adèle Exarchopoulos et le rappeur Doum’s (alias Morgan Frémont, membre du collectif de Nekfeu et du groupe L’Entourage) ont accueilli un garçon qu’ils ont d’ailleurs choisi de prénommer Ismaël.

Très discrète quant à sa vie privée mais toutefois très connectée sur les réseaux sociaux, notamment Instagram, reste désormais à savoir quand la talentueuse Adèle va partager avec ses très nombreux abonnés la toute première photo de son adorable fiston.

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