Last week, many of us were intrigued by intense cinematographic activities, in particular avenue de la mer.

And it was cinema that it was! The Punchline cinema crew chose Port-La Nouvelle and Narbonne to shoot a short film entitled Cet autre hiver, by director Margo Brière-Bordier. We find there the beautiful Madrid artist Lola Dueñas.

The story therefore takes place in a seaside town… Nina (Adèle Exarchopoulos) disembarks behind the wheel of her old vintage car… She has forty-eight hours to meet her mother Lili again, after twenty years of silence. Because she has a choice to make that resonates powerfully in the story she shares with her…

The film’s preview should be shown at the Sea Theater in March 2020.
This short film, available in May 2020, was subsidized by the Occitanie region and the Nation Center for Cinema and Animated Images. A production by Lucas Tothe and Sylvain Lagrillère with the actors Adèle Exarchopoulos, Lola Dueñas and Rabah Loucif.

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